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Research - Translation - Coaching



Statistical Evaluation and Documentation

From Design to Data

Cognitive research assistance throughout all research stages.
Virtual reality paradigms with C# for Unity.
Evaluation in R, SPSS, Jasp.


Psychology - Science - Technology

Qualified and trusted
German <-> English translations
since 2005.

Psychological Research Assistance

Hypotheses and Literature

Formulation of research questions and hypotheses, literature reviews and research, including documentation, for example, with Mendeley or the tool of your choice.

Coaching for English or German Content

Presentations - Interviews - Appraisals

Optimum visuals and delivery.
Effective communication of complex matters
whether at work or university.

Presentations and Documentation

Creation - Coaching - Proofreading

Carefully worded and illustrated for excellent communication. In cooperation with the customer as a coach and adviser or directly as content creator, I work to your requirements.


Since 2005, teaching, working and learning
with innovative customers in many sectors:
universities, technology, finance and more.

Joseph Given MSc Psychology